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Quorum works with a range of private and public hospitals, from Ramsay Healthcare (Australia’s largest, and one of the top ten healthcare providers in the world) to Sydney’s South-West Health Unit, which includes large metropolitan hospitals such as Bankstown Public.   We have also worked closely in the past six years with St. Vincent’s Hospital in East Sydney, conducting audits and managing tenders and project rollouts of large and complex CCTV and access control systems Part of the NSW-based arm of St Vincent’s Health Australia, the Hospital provides significant training and research activities housing several specialty units that are internationally recognised as centres of excellence.

Quorum has been working in healthcare for over 15  years, and we’ve developed a deep understanding of the key issues and requirements of this market: from protecting Emergency Department staff with personal duress/tracking beacons in case of attack, to ensuring cameras and access control systems cover drug safes and pharmaceutical areas, to providing systems that protect and track babies in maternity wards and prevent their unlawful removal.

We’ve even developed and installed intelligent parking systems for staff and patients.  The healthcare industry’s requirements must be carefully balanced against limited budgetary resources: Quorum staff must often think ‘outside the box’ to ensure relatively simple & inexpensive solutions can be provided where appropriate.

Royal North Shore Private

Bankstown Hospital

St George Private