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Food – and particularly  beverage (whether alcohol, dairy or soft-drink) manufacturing usually involves difficult and tough working environments, where extremes of heat and cold, along with steam and high humidity, can combine to create significant challenges to designing robust and reliable systems.  Special installation skills are required in cold-stores, as drilling holes for running cables could be disastrous if not done properly: it would be like drilling a large hole in the front door of your household refrigerator!

Our teams have worked in these arduous conditions over many years, and hundreds of sites: interestingly, all of our crews are happy to volunteer for projects on breweries, of which we have done more than a dozen for Lionco across Australia and New Zealand – might it be the free samples?   Our other (equally-valued) clients include Martin Brower (global 3PL provider for MacDonalds restaurants), Parmalat, Hakka Foods, Newlywed Foods and Snack Brands.

We’ve introduced highly-accurate (to 0.1 degree C) thermal cameras to our clients in this market, for sensing if goods entering or leaving their stores are outside of the specified temperature range: these cameras can also be used for checking temperature variations on machinery and motors such as generators while they are operating, as temperature fluctuations can signal potential wear or a requirement for service.

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