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Energy Utilities

Quorum teams have worked with two of the largest energy utilities on Australia, Ausgrid and Transgrid as well as new designers and suppliers of solar and wind farms, such as Downer EDI and UGL for the past 17 years, carrying out complex installations in new-built facilities, as well as monitoring, servicing and upgrading existing sites.

All our technical crews are fully trained and annually certified to work in such potentially dangerous environments.  This is mission-critical work where mistakes can be lethal: our 100% safety record is testimony to the exacting care and attention we bring to bear for such facilities – and to all of our valued clients, on every site.  Our relationship with key players in energy sector has progressed in the past decade to the point Quorum project managers work closely in the design and planning of enterprise-level security systems across multiple sites, and have developed software such as iQ for their use in tracking and managing their security assets.

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